1. Back in business. 

    Oh right. I hopped the Pacific and bounced on back to Jeju. Just can’t stay away from the ROK. 

  2. One day bebopping on the streets of Brooklyn, the next helping the pops plant strawberries and onions in good ol’ Missouri soil. It’s funny how fast humans can adapt.

  3. SE Missouri batting cages. 

  4. Good ol’ grimey Gowanus Canal. 


  5. "I’m not unhappy with the way I live, just embarrassed for anyone else to see it."

    Zach’s outlook on his tiny new room that will barely squeeze in his bed pretty much sums up how most of us feel about our living situations in this damn city, piled on top of each other.

    But gosh darn, the weather is shifting and the intoxicating energy can be felt sweeping through the blocks. There’s nothing quite like summer in New York. So we’ll continue to stuff ourselves into the crevices of this city, and wait for it to charge back up again. 

  6. I can’t help it. I always feel a little emo after I’ve finished and packed away yet another year of life. But so it goes. 

    The day turned itself around and what a glorious day it was! How could I stay bummed with these beautiful mugs smiling back at me? 

  7. Roommate’s remedy for the pre birthday blues. 

  8. Occupy bus.

  9. Two cuties/Too cute

  10. As do I Brooklyn, as do I…

  11. So proud of my lil’ VJ. - what happens when letters are limited. 


    Roommate support :) Off to Austin! 🚀 (Taken with instagram)


  12. Stoked to get the chance to do a bit of work for Trazzler! 

  13. Red Hook lookout. 

  14. So many of my favorite mugs in one picture. 

  15. Important bumper sticker message.